I am a current Ph.D. student in the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia University. My research focus is on digital cooking techniques using food printers and lasers. This technology provides a software approach to cooking, allowing for the creation of tailored, nutritious, inventive, and customized meals for each individual.

Many of my projects and passions are showcased on this website. I enjoy being challenged and tackling problems that require innovative solutions that are cost-effective, designed with intent, and mechanically sound. Mechanical design, CNC & digital manufacturing, and entrepreneurship are assets that I apply in creating innovative products.

Other Interests & Hobbies


My greatest passion is music. I started playing the piano at the age of 7 and have stuck with it ever since.



I played soccer, basketball, and tennis all through high school and enjoy the competitive atmosphere that sports offer.



At family gatherings I was usually the designated camera man. Buying a DSLR just fed my passion for photography even more.


Music Editing

While I enjoy playing music, I also enjoy mixing music and creating custom mixes with my DJ mixer and software.