Spider Case
mountable hard drive case

May 1, 2015

I was always bothered by the fact that my external hard drive didn't come with a protective case for on the go use so I kept it's original packaging as a pseudo-case. After a while, it got very annoying to constantly take it out of it's box everytime I wanted to use it. Additionally, I was found it to be a nuissance to use my drive on a plane, train, or without a table to rest my flash drive. This case I designed solves both these issues in a very effective manner.

The case is comprised of 8 separate laser-cut pieces of acrylic, which were designed to fit snuggly around the drive. The two main rings fit around the center and the "c" members extend around the bottom of the drive. The upper hook-resembling members sit into the "c" members and allows one to rest the case over top of the computer (shown below). Enough relief is provided on the hooks to accomodate any Apple computer.

An added bonus to the hook design is that the accompanying chord can be wrapped around the device; making it easier stow both pieces away with one another when not in use.

This was a quick and dirty solution, which took a few hours to execute from design to iteration tod finished prototype. With more time, there are a number of tweaks I would make to the Spider Case's design.