infrared-tracking device

September 14, 2013

Mechatronics (MEAM510) is a course which integrates mechanical design, electrical engineering, and computer information science to create robots and modules that can accomplish a wide range of purposes. This “stalker” robot is meant to follow an infrared beacon over a 360 degree arc at a distance of 50cm to 90cm. It accomplishes this task without the use of a micro controller.

The robot is set to spin until either of the front two phototransistors sense an IR source. The sensitivity of the phototransistors were being tuned by two potentiometers, and worked in a negative feedback loop; when either of the phototransistors was higher than the other it would flip direction, but if they were both similar than the robot would stop moving. More emphases was put on the electronics and function as opposed ot the aesthetic design of the robot, hence the abundance of pink tape.