Melted Ice Cream
CNC fabrication

March 1, 2013

This piece is another deliverable from IPD 501. The render was modeled in Solidworks off of a melted glob of ice cream. It took circa 20 hours to model in its entirety. In order to get it's realistic shape, I took a few side and front view photos of a melted glob of ice cream and used the images to aid in the surfacing process. Below is a SolidWorks rendering of the cone and melted ice cream assembly.

The base (melted ice cream) was machined on a Haas 3-axis CNC MiniMill. Machining time for the base was about 2 hours, and sanding time was roughly 5 hours.

The ball-mill finishing pass gave the piece a scallop height of 0.005". After an extensive 5 hour period of standing and buffing, the resulting finish can be seen in the pictures below.

The cone was 3D-printed in our Additive Manufacturing Lab on our Objet30 Photopolymer Printer, which has a resolution of 0.002". After it's support material was removed, I spray painted it gold for a more cone-like finish.