Gamma-Type Stirling Engine
CNC & manual manufacturing

April 30, 2012

This was a semester-long project from a Machine Design and Manufacturing class. Each piece, excluding one or two, was machined through the use of a manual mill, manual lathe, or Prototrak (or in some cases a combination of various machines).The engine runs on an external heat source. At its fastest, it can hit close to 1400 RPM when heated by a crème Brule torch; which is towards the faster range for similar engines from the class. The bedplate is similar to that of a body builder. To follow this theme, the base is meant to resemble a podium.

The bedplate and the internal displacer were the only two parts that were outsourced. The remaining dozen pieces were machined from either aluminum, brass, or steel (depending on it's application). The magnet in the flywheel was for our hall effect sensor, which grabbed the RPM from the spinning piece.

This class helped me discover my true passion for design and manufacturing.